Paper Dolls


The series shown here is called PAPER DOLLS, a reference to childhood  activities
and the early formation of identity for many women. Embellishing the figure, originally drawn
from the nude, in the completed work, the body has becomes "dressed." The clothing makes
a statement about the female subject,  expressing either the true self or an alter ego, modesty
or seduction,  fashionability or practicality.  The process involves an interactive start, working
from life, and then the solitary process of collaging, drawing,  painting, or sewing to create a
person covered and acceptable to enter the public milieu.

Considering myself primarily a feminist artist, painting other women, most of my work focuses
on the human face, figures, animals and nature. Whether the subject matter is figuration or
nature, I approach all my subjects directly and unabashedly. I prefer direct observation, and
I work very rapidly. And, as with all my work since 1990, in my quest to discover and reveal
what is most essential, these 19 x 25 drawings are created almost exclusively with my
non-dominant left  hand.


Anastasi_A_black lace 25.5x19.75







Anastasi_A_one thru five 25.5x19.75